our departments

specifically for married men

men of valour

This is the umbrella that brings the married men together, they come together weekly for their covenant prayers and also host the church yearly in a one week men of valour week celebration. In that programme they took over everything and end it up on the Sunday with a Thanksgiving service.

specifically for married women

the victorious women

This is another Umbrella that brings the married women together; they meet once in every week to pray, and study the scriptures. They see to the welfare of the women in the church. They also host the entire church yearly on a one week women’s week celebration. And also a yearly couple’s week meeting that ends with a couple’s night in conjunction with the men.

specifically for youths


This is the Youth Department of the church, as their name go, they are there to challenge every challenge that shows. With different Programmes, like crusades, camp meetings which they hold yearly and finally celebrating the year with a one week Challengers week.

specifically for children


These are the kindergarten department of the church so many of their programmes are usually joined with the Youth.